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Mindset Training

Premier Leadership Executive Coaching

The Mindset Training Course is based on The Master Key System developed by Charles Haanel, was taught as a correspondence course throughout the years. This program helped to develop great leaders and speakers who through their practice of principles learned in the program helped people achieve greatness in business or in personal lives by learning how to operate conscious and subconscious mind.

Before you decide...

If this program is for you, watch this video where you going to learn how the knowledge I have received from this program helped me to recover from the dramatic events of my early childhood.

I have gone through this course by myself and with clients numerous times from 2010 up to date and it helped me not only to understand the depth of the power of thought but also change the the predominant habitual mental attitude to the point that feel in control of my own life and events that I invite in.

I do not consider myself a master of this subject but rather a life time student because in order to comprehend life you need to live it first, however, this program made me aware and become very in tune with my subconscious mind and by facilitating this journey that you about to take I will be able to guide you through the process to get clarity of you own truth. 

"At any given moment in life you are exactly where you need to be."


Program Overview

Mindset Training program is a 24 weeks correspondence course 

After our first introductory session, for the duration of 24 consecutive weeks you will be receiving a chapter that you will be required to read 7 times from beginning to end for 7 days, complete an exercise that is presented at the end of each chapter for 7 times and answer questions that will be given which will help not so much to retain learning material but develop your own perspective on the information that is given in correspondence of your own understanding of it.


It is absolutely crucial to follow all the instructions that will be given to you in the introductory chapters at our first one-on-one session.

During our one-on-one session we will discuss how learning material corresponded with the events of your life so you can start to see and understand the operating mechanism and patterns of your own conscious and subconscious mind, as well as begin to learn how to control your thinking process and direct your subconscious mind to bring about your desired ideals.


"There are no right or wrong answers. The pre-determined answers will be given to you at the same time with the rest of the chapter materials, so you can compare your thinking with the thinking of the author."


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